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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Katherine is very concerned that citizen voices are not being heard in the Utah Legislature, and desires to restore the balance to the lawmaking process of our great state. She is focusing on the core values of many in Utah,  such as, fairness, empathy, responsibility and freedom. Katherine is uniquely qualified to exhibit and incorporate these values into her campaign as well as in the legislative house representative office. Her life experience, schooling and community service have built these values into Katherine.  

She has volunteered in many organizations and her community. She is proud and honored to be an LGBTQIA+ ally and is on the Glsen board of the Northern Utah Chapter. She is also known as a "Mama Dragon" (Ally group that actively promotes healthy, loving and supportive environments for LGBTQIA+ children.) 

 Lawmakers using pre made laws from ALEC or other organizations are concerning to her. Katherine believes we owe voters well-qualified Legislators that can dedicate enough time to the law-making process to avoid wasting taxpayer money. Proposed new bills that increase harm to children and others have instilled an urgency to go to battle to protect individual rights. 

During the past year Katherine has noticed the disconnect growing between voters and politicians, and realized that more people needed to step up and serve their community. Katherine's degree in family studies and human development from the University of Utah, as well as her career shows her focus on equality and the family. While attending school, Katherine worked at the YWCA with the Tenn Mother program. She served as the interim Teen Home director. After graduation, Katherine worked for the state of Utah as a social worker, working with at risk families, courts, and schools coordinating services. She also served in the Murray School district in the speech and language department, and as a Substitute Teacher for Davis School District.  

Currently Katherine is focused on the campaign and her family. She will strive to do her best and be loyal to the voters of Utah House District 18. Katherine is interested in social justice, political reform, and she states, "it is imperative to be visible and regularly meet with voters." During this critical juncture in our history, we need leaders who can put the time and effort into protecting and serving the good people of the state of Utah." She is a mother of five children and married to Allen Nicholson for 17 years. She grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and moved to Utah in 1989. Katherine's main desire in running is to leave this world a better, more loving, and safer place for the next generation. 


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